Weighted Eye Pillow with Lavender


Double lined with natural Cotton Fabric.   Our wheat bags offer natural pain relief to sore muscles, aching joints, period pain and so much more.


Our handmade natural eye pillows are weighted with Organic wheat and calming Lavender flowers to help ease headaches, relax your eye muscles and help soothe tired, puffy eyes. 

Eye Pillows are compact and easy to use, and are beneficial for mind, body and soul. Originally used in yoga and meditation classes, they are gaining attention around the globe, bringing peace & calm to our ever busy lives. 

This eye pillow can be used at room temperature, or put in freezer for a soothing cold pack to relieve headaches & migraines
Dont like Lavender? We keep some eye pillows without the Lavender in them. Please leave a message at checkout if you DONT want Lavender.

HOW TO USE: Use at room temperature by lying down and placing the eye pillow over your eyes. This is useful for sore eyes, headaches, migraines, and relaxation.

To cool your eye pillow, place in the freezer until it is cold for about 30 min. (We recommend putting it into a container or bag so it does not get wet) Then place it over your eyes while lying down. This is useful for sore eyes, headaches and migraines.

To warm your eye pillow, place it in the microwave and heat on high for 30-60 secs. You can then use it anywhere on your body that would like some heat. Be careful and avoid placing anything too warm on your eyes. A warm eye pillow can be lovely on sore sinuses too.

Each eye pillow is crafted by hand and made with Australian natural ingredients.      
Vegan friendly & Cruelty free. 

Proudly Handmade from 100% cotton &  Organic  Australian Wheat & Lavender  

Designed sent at random. If you want a particular design, please contact us



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