Introducing the Nigerian Dwarfs

First Fleet Lisa & First Fleet Carmen At Ivydale Nigerian Dwarf Stud
First Fleet Lisa with her triplets at Ivydale Stud.


When you need more milk.
But want mini goats.

We all know Pippinwood is about mini goats…
But when the time came to step up our natural skincare business,
there was only one option. 
Enter The Nigerian Dwarf goat.

These beautiful little creatures are still new to Australia. With their beautiful personality, gentle nature and abundance of milk, I’m sure many are going to fall in love with them just like we have.

Our goat milk soaps and lotions all start off with fresh milk straight from our goats. With some of our goats only producing enough milk for their kids, we leave them to be mothers, while we milk some girls that  give us milk ranging from 500ml -1200ml.

Our new additions are little dairy type goats that are on average half the size of an average dairy goat. They produce an average of 1.8 litres of milk.
In addition to their abundance of milk, Their butterfat percentage ranges from, on average, 6%-10% which means…
More creamier soaps, more bubbles, more moisturising bars of soap and lotions.
Within this luxurious liquid contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, enzymes, and proteins all well accepted by the human skin.
Our aim is to have our goat milk products made from our Nigerian dwarf milk and continue to breed them to their Australian and American Standards.
We are lucky to have some lovely fellow breeders in our life that have offered us some special girls.   With friendships forged in the love of these little creatures,  we will work together to share with the world, the Nigerian Dwarfs.
We would like to thank
Tippy Toes Miniature Goats-
Ivydale Nigerian Dwarf Stud-
Mulga Miniatures –

Did you know?

Milking animals such as goats & cows living at higher altitudes and colder climates produce more cream? As the temperatures drop, so can milk production.
When it is cold, these ladies can divert their energy into maintaining body temperature instead of producing as much milk. But the quality is still there in the form of Cream/butterfat. Think of it like condensed milk… sort of.
Again… more cream… better soaps & Lotions. 

(Although, Our goats are all tucked in to their beds/pens every night).

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